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Modifications and additions to this website.

23.03.2024 A note on matched 2-pole shelving filters.
24.12.2023 Remastered track "I Still Remember" on my music page.
16.11.2023 New tracks "Smartphone" and "Espresso" on my music page.
04.11.2023 A note on Aliasing Suppression in Digital Distortion.
14.09.2023 New MVerb 7B plug-in released.
14.09.2023 New article on a Hybrid Reverb Algorithm.
14.08.2022 New tracks "Salada Tropical", "80s Backbeat", and "Samba No. 2" on my music page.
24.05.2021 64 Bit version of my La Voz Cantante VST vocoder plugin.
01.05.2021 Article on waveshaper harmonics.
06.09.2020 64 Bit version of my MIDI Choir VST plugin.
09.02.2020 New tracks "¿Por quĂ© no?" and "Octopus" on my music page.
04.10.2019 Major update of my MIDI Choir plugin.
08.09.2019 Major update of my vocoder plugin La Voz Cantante.
07.09.2019 New article Matched One-Pole Digital Shelving Filters.
26.05.2019 New album "All You Can Eat" with eight new tracks on my music page.
15.10.2018 New tracks "Ketuan Tak" and "Having such a good time" on my music page.
02.07.2018 Check out my new samba tune Greetings from Rio.
24.06.2018 New tracks on my music page.
04.02.2018 Added a page featuring my music.
01.05.2017 Updated audio plugin MIDI Choir.
19.02.2017 Updated audio plugin La Voz Cantante.
04.12.2016 Added new audio plugin MIDI Choir.
03.12.2016 Added new audio plugin La Voz Cantante.
21.10.2016 Added new article on time-reversed IIR filters.
10.09.2016 Added new pictures to the Wire Worm User Gallery
03.07.2016 New site design with illustrations by Olivia Vicanek Mart?nez
09.04.2016 New article on recursive filters in image processing.
05.03.2016 Added readme files with installation instructions to Wire Worm, Perspective Transformations, and Vignette Corrector.
14.02.2016 New article on matched biquad fiters.
17.01.2016 New 64 bit version of Wire Worm plugin!!!
15.10.2015 Added an Articles page with mostly stuff on music DSP, my other hobby.
01.06.2014 New Version 6.0 of Vignette Corrector plugin with high quality rendering to avoid banding.
10.11.2013 New Version 6.2 of Wire Worm plugin.
New Version 8.2 of Perspective Transformations plugin.
Updated the Wire Worm User Gallery
04.08.2013 Updated the Wire Worm User Gallery
12.01.2012 New bugfix Version 6.1 of Wire Worm plugin.
Added new picture to the Wire Worm User Gallery
17.11.2010 New Version 5.0 of Color Cube plugin with resizeable GUI and CSV-file export of selected colors.
24.10.2010 Regarding 64-bit systems: Added an note on the Plugins page and in the installation instructions for each plugin.
19.06.2010 New Wire Worm Version 6.0 with 16-bit images support.
13.05.2010 New Version 8.0 of Perspective Transformations with 16-bit images support.
30.04.2010 New Version 4.5 of Pano Warp with 16-bit images support and resizeable GUI.
10.04.2010 New Version 5.1 of Hue Restorer with 16-bit images support and resizeable GUI.
06.09.2009 New Version 6.2 of Color Replacer with multiple replacement capability, 16-bit images support and more.
05.08.2009 Patched Color Replacer for Vista compatibility.
31.07.2009 Updated Perspective Transformations and Wire Worm (support for left-handed mouse settings).
Added Wire Worm User Gallery.
27.07.2009 Updated Pinocchio plugin (Version 5.3 with PhotoImpact compatibility and more.)
23.06.2009 Updated Wire Worm plugin (Version 5.8 with Snap function.)
20.06.2009 Updated Vignette Corrector plugin (Version 5.5 with 16-bit images support and resizeable dialog.)
10.05.2009 Updated Wire Worm plugin (Version 5.7 with Magnifying Glass and more.)
01.05.2009 Updated Wire Worm plugin (Version 5.6 with Navigator thumbnail image and more.)
02.03.2009 Updated Perspective Transformations plugin (Version 7.8 with Snap function, resizeable GUI and more.)
30.11.2008 Updated Wire Worm plugin (Version 5.5 with faster response and keyboard shortcuts)
23.11.2008 Complete site rework (finally got rid of Frames!)
14.11.2008 Updated Wire Worm plugin (Version 5.3 with improved color matching, thanks Andreas!)
09.11.2008 Added Wire Worm plugin
24.10.2008 Added Hue Restorer plugin
01.06.2008 Bugfix version 7.6 of Perspective Transformations plugin - transparent background as in v6.0
26.04.2008 New version 4 of Color Cube plugin - new Opacity slider to vizualize the 3D color density
17.04.2008 New version 7.5 of Perspective Transformations plugin - shift key for accurate control point placement, new Crop section replaces previous Positioning section
06.04.2008 New version 5.3 of Vignette Corrector plugin - extended vignette size range
25.03.2008 New version 7 of Perspective Transformations plugin
05.03.2008 Added Color Replacer plugin
08.12.2007 New provider
24.11.2007 All plugins recompiled for Vista compatibility (except Color Cube which will follow soon)
19.08.2007 Added Sliding Tile Puzzle plugin
22.07.2007 Added Contrast Mask plugin
26.05.2007 Added Pinocchio and Vignette Corrector plugins
Illustrations by Olivia
19.03.2007 Site launched

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