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Links related to audio processing

DAFX - Digital Audio Effects Conference Web Page - DAFX annual conferences reflect the state-of-the-art in audio processing. The site has all papers presented from 1998 onwards. There is also a book well worth reading.

KVR Audio is a comprehensive site with forums covering all aspects of music and audio, instruments and effects anouncements and reviews.

Flowstone is a graphical programming environment especially suited for developing musical instruments and effects. All my audio processing plugins are made with Flowstone.

DSP Related provides a wealth of DSP knowledge, blogs, forums, links and much more.

Will Pirkle - Books, projects, online courses, code examples and other state-of-the-art resources around audio processing.

Julius O. Smith III is a Stanford University (now emeritus) professor and music DSP guru. His site features online textbooks and many original papers.

Flowstoners - Rex Basterfield is a Flowstone aficionado. His site showcases his and others' creations. Check out his free stuff in the Quilcom section!

K Brown Synths - Kevin Brown has a sheer insane free offer of softsynths, mostly inspired by actual hardware synths.

Vadim's Book - In his online book "The Art of VA Filter Design", Vadim Zavalishin treats the subject with musical applications in mind.

Links related to image processing

The Plugin Site is the reference site for Photoshop compatible plugins. A real must.

FilterMeister is the celebrated meta-plugin, a framework to create your own plugins. All downloads on this site are based on FilterMeister.

Richard Rosenman's Photoshop Plugins features a cool collection of mostly free plugins. Check it out!

Depth of Field Generator PRO is a commercial plugin developed by Richard and myself. Take a look, if only for the galleries.

Andromeda Software Inc. is a commercial site with some really clever plugins.

Helmut Dersch's Panorama Tools represent a classic, superb freeware for panorama stitching. Those who are put off by scripts may check out various GUIs ( PTGUI, PTAssembler, Hugin, PTOpenGUI) that folks have written for Panorama Tools. There is also an active Yahoo Group if you really want to get involved.

NeatImage can do miracles in noise reduction, no kidding. And they even offer you a functional freeware version with only minor limitations. It doesn't get any better than that!

IrfanView - the finest freeware image viewer around.

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