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Mverb 7B GUI view
GUI design by Kevin Brown

MVerb 7B

MVerb 7B is a hybrid algorithmic/convolution reverb with the objective to produce pleasant sounding, long reverb tails at the quality level achieved by convolution reverbs, but with the flexibility and small footprint of algorithmic reverbs. It comes with the following set of features:
  • Hybrid (algorithmic/convolution) stereo reverb VST plug-in
  • Reverberation time control from 0.4 s to 10 s
  • Early reflections pre-delay control
  • Low Cut control to roll off low frequencies when the reverb sounds muddy
  • Hi Damp control to allow for faster decay of high frequencies
  • Separate controls for dry and wet signal amount, respectively
  • Smart stereo width control respects input stereo panning
  • Output level LED indicator
  • Gated reverb effect
  • Freeze effect
  • Preset manager with 64 freely editable presets and 9 factory defaults
A detailed description of the inner workings of MVerb 7B is provided here.

History of Changes

Version 6B
  • First published release


MVerb 7B is available as a zip archive which contains both the VST plugin and the user manual.
Download MVerb 7B zip archive

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