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Vignette Corrector

Vignetting is the brighness fallof at the corners of an image. This is a rather universal phenomenon, however it is more pronounced for wide-angle lenses. If you are interested in the theoretical aspects of vignetting, here is a nice explanation.

Vignetting can be very disturbing if you want to combine a set of images to a panorama (panorama stitching). You want to compensate that unwanted effect on the individual frames before stitching. On the other hand, vignetting is sometimes deliberately used as a nostalgic style element in portray photography.

Vignette Corrector offers you a number of controls to adjust the size and brightness of the vignette. In addition you can modify the tint and saturation. I found this useful for scanned negatives, where I could not compensate vignetting with  brightness modifications alone. I have also implemented a 3x3 mirror tiled view to enhance the vignette visibility. Use the tiled view for accurate vignette correction prior to panorama stitching.

Below is a screenshot of the Vignette Corrector plugin.

Vignette Corrector GUI 

History of Changes

Version 6.0 (current version)
  • High quality rendering to avoid banding
  • Intuitive vignette center positioning with mouse
  • Help button and tooltips option
Version 5.5
  • support for 16 bit RGB images
  • support for grayscale images, 8 bit and 16 bit
  • resizeable dialog
Version 5.3
  • extended mask size range from -200 (extreme corners) to +200 (midpoint only)
Version 5.2
  • new off-center horizontal and vertical displacement sliders
  • Vista compatibility


Download Vignette Corrector

Related Stuff

By now there are many other (mostly commercial) tools out there for vignette correction.

Richard Rosenman has designed a really cool GUI for an early version of the Vignette Corrector. Go to the Software/Photoshop section and get it for free!

The Panorama Tools feature a correction plugin with a Radial Luminance option where you can enter indipendent coefficients for the red green and blue channels.

PTLens provides a GUI for the Panorama Tools.

Picture View is an image editor which features vignette correction as a built-in function.

Photoshop CS2 and newer versions have a vignette correction feature as part of the Lens Correction filter.

   © 2008 by Martin Vicanek