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Color Replacer

This filter performs color replacement functions. The function is similar to Photoshop's Replace Color command, however, this plugin is more flexible since you can select the source and target colors independently. Therefore, it is possible to tint gray areas with an arbitrary color, which can be useful for recovering the color in overexposed areas.

Below is a screenshot of the Color Replacer plugin.

Color Replacer GUI

History of Changes

Version 6.2 (current version)
  • ability to apply multiple replacements
  • unlimited Undo function
  • new Tolerance section with separate sliders for Chroma, Luma and Fuzziness
  • resizeable dialog
  • support for 8 and 16 bits/channel RGB images
  • support for left-handed mouse settings
  • Vista compatible
Version 4.0
  • first released version, recently patched for Vista compatibility


Download Color Replacer


Here is an example of how Color Replacer can be used to change the mood of an image. The original image (left) features a somewhat dull, slightly overexposed sky. The middle and right images have been obtained using Color Replacer.

Original Image Blue Variant Grey Variant

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